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Apr - 10

Are search warrants a big, big bust in BV?

Earlier this year, Buena Vista Police obtained a search warrant for a house on Sycamore Avenue. The warrant was based on information from a “Reliable Confidential Informant” who told the copes there was methamphetamine in the house. Armed with the…

Feb - 11

Charges dropped against radford officers

Months of negotiations became reality Tuesday as a special prosecutor dropped malfeasance charges brought against two Radford patrol officers and the city’s former police chief. Officer Chris Caldwell and 1st Sgt. Pete Rutzinski were exonerated and returned to active duty,…

Aug - 19

Jury sees malpractice in doctor’s actions

Roanoke obstetrician-gynecologist Randall Falls was negligent in his care of a patient who nearly died after surgery to remove an ovary, a jury decided late last week. The jury, after deliberating for four hours, returned Friday night with a $1.3…

May - 06

Officers denied immunity 

Two Roanoke police officers can’t hide behind their badges if they violated the constitutional rights of a Roanoke lawyer by jailing him after he repeatedly told them to leave his property, the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals has affirmed. A…

Dec - 12

In pursuit of the truth

FIVE YEARS AGO this week marked the end of John McCloskey’s life. The morning of Dec. 18, 1994, the manic-depressive 18-year-old awoke inside Western State Hospital in Staunton, writhing in stomach pain and vomiting his own feces – the victim…