Going too soft on drug dealers 

Dec - 21

Going too soft on drug dealers 

AS REPORTED in your Dec. 15 news article (“Marijuana trial is unlikely”), a deal has been cut with seven of 10 defendants in a pending federal trial. The other three might be allowed to enter bargained pleas as well. Their offense? Oh, cultivating several hundred pounds of marijuana.

There’s no way, of course, to know how many hundreds of pounds were grown and sold before these operators, described in the newspaper as “small time,” were apprehended.

Mr. Prosecutor, why were so many allowed to bargain? Without a doubt, you and the judge involved are, by your actions, indirectly recruiting others to enter the get-rich-quick world of dope-dealing.

The money’s great. You probably won’t get caught for a few years and, if you do, you can always cop a plea.

Attorney Jonathan Rogers, as quoted in The Roanoke Times, deserves particular recognition for his opinion of America’s drug problem: “This is silly – this is marijuana. Get real.” When Rogers’ client comes by to pay his bill – in cash, no doubt – he should ask to see a nice, full bag of dope. Inside that bag, I bet is some unknown kid’s first hit. And some other kid’s last.